American Brittany

Lefty is an athletic gun dog with dynamic game drive and a graceful ground eating stride. He comes from a long line of proven champions and superior bird hunters and this historic talent and style show through in his field performance and kennel manners. He’s the son of Silverado, son of 2011 NAFC Spanish Corrals Sundance Kid and FC Blew By Yet?. Other notables include NGDC FC San-Dee’s Blazing Shane, FC AFC Stevix Bulletproof Jill, NAFDC FC AFC Maxwell’s Blew By You II, HOF Nolan’s Last Bullet and numerous other field champions.

His dam, MK’s Extra Bullet (EB) is a snappy and stylish gun dog with many notables in her pedigree as well including HOF NFC Hi-Proof Rum Runner, HOF Beans Blaze, NFC FC AFC The Whiz Kid and NFC FC AFC Micro Dot.

He has been trained on hard flying quail, chukar, and pheasants and routinely works with clients and our guides on controlled shoots here at the ranch. He has been field-tested, hunting wild birds in Kansas and Nebraska and participated on my team at the Sharp Tail Shoot Out in Mullen NE last September. He is very upright and staunch on point. He gets along well with other dogs and hunters in the field and is exciting to watch on the ground. He runs his own game but backs naturally and has a great soft-mouthed retrieve to hand. He’s been e-collar conditioned but it’s rarely needed. He has medium to big range and adjusts well to denser cover and type of birds pursued. He’s quiet and clean in the kennel and loves to be around people and other dogs.
Not often will a dog with his performance, looks and personality come along for sale. If you’re looking for that next great hunting companion – this could be your guy!

Note: All Started Gun Dog sales require an on-site visit to Wingshooter Kennels and Timber Hills Lake Ranch prior to final purchase. This allows for one-on-one introduction of the dog to the prospective buyer, reviewing field performance, dog characteristics and compatibility with the future owner. We understand your dog is more than just a hunting companion and want to assure their performance and characteristics will be a good match for you and your family.


  • Call Name
  • AKC Name
    WK’s Make Me Famous
  • AKC #
  • Whelped
  • Coloration
    White and Orange
  • Dam
    MK’s Extra Bullet (EB)
  • Dam AKC #
  • Sire
    Silverado (Butch)
  • Sire AKC #
  • Price
    $5,500 (Ks tax incl)