Princess – Started Gun Dog

German Shorthaired Pointer

Wingshooter Kennels “Started Gun Dogs” are outstanding young bird dogs that have spent enormous time in training and orientation to hone their hunting skills and develop a confident maturity. They are trustworthy of their handler and can go quickly into the field. They easily adapt and bond to a new family.

Princess is a close working white and liver bird finder with a sweet personality and graceful point.  She handles easily, is very biddable and a joy to hunt behind. We’ve had her in our program since 3 months of age and she is worked on birds and conditioning weekly. She’s quick to and staunch on point with a graceful 12 o’clock tail set. She marks downed birds well and has a swift and natural retrieve. She’s e-collar conditioned and whistle trained. She has an eager to please personality and gets along well with other dogs and people.

She’s going to be someone’s hunting partner and family companion for years to come. Get in the field with your new dog now!

See pictures for full pedigree.

Our Started Gun Dogs are driven to seek and find game, point staunchly and have been exposed to various field scenarios and hunting situations. They are familiar with the gun, retrieve naturally, e-collar conditioned and socialized with other dogs and hunters. They are eager and ready to hunt!

If you are looking for a great hunting partner and a sweet family companion this could be your gal!

Note: All Started Gun Dog sales require an on-site visit to Wingshooter Kennels prior to final purchase. This allows for one-on-one introduction of the dog to the prospective buyer, reviewing field performance, dog characteristics and compatibility with the future owner. We understand your dog is more than just a hunting companion and want to assure their performance and personality will be a good match for you and your family.


  • Call Name
  • AKC Name
    WK’s American Princess
  • Sex
  • AKC #
  • Whelped
  • Coloration
    White and Liver
  • Dam
    Clare Replogle
  • Dam AKC #
  • Sire
  • Sire AKC #
  • Price