Wingshooter Kennels specializes in training and conditioning pointing dogs of all breeds for the discriminating upland hunter, lodge owner, and hunt test competitor. The first step in our training program is an understanding of the owner’s experience with his or her dog, and an evaluation of the dog’s current level of performance. This information enables us to set realistic goals and develop a customized program for each dog.

The Foundation

The Foundation Program is designed to nurture a young dog’s natural instincts through low stress training and positive reinforcement. The cornerstone of our young dog training is to allow the dog to maintain its intensity, while developing a sense of purpose with proper introduction to obedience, field training and bird work. (Dogs are typically six to 12 months of age)

  • Basic obedience: turn to its name, come and follow handler into the field
  • Socialization with other dogs of similar age
  • Basic handling, pointing and backing on check cord
  • Introduction to birds and varied hunting environments developing the dog’s natural instincts to seek and find game
  • Field work with finished gun dogs to instill range, compatibility and opportunity to back
  • Introduction to gunfire through use of a blank gun
  • Throw and catch sessions to instill a natural willingness to retrieve
  • 6 week program $1,000 plus tax

Gun Dog​​

The Gun Dog Program instills the desire to vigorously seek, find and point game while developing a staunchness on point. Dogs in this program become successful hunters – possessing dynamic bird drive, responsive to voice commands and perform socially with other hunters and their dogs.

  • We use a multitude of training methods and field experiences
  • Basic commands are reinforced
  • Dogs are exposed and worked on hard flying game birds
  • Introduction to gunfire and as the dog progress to shotgun fire
  • Exposed to simulated field hunting situations and the opportunity to retrieve
  • E collar conditioning
  • Learn whoa and encouraged to be steady on birds at point and flush
  • Begin learning to honor and work with other dogs in bird field
  • Simulated hunting situations with other dogs to instill socialization skills and develop steady backing
  • $750/month plus tax

Dog Training Programs include:

  • Dog Boarding
  • Premium Dog Food
  • Training Birds

Personalized Hunter and Handler Training

Wingshooter Kennels in partnership with Timber Hills Lake Ranch has the facilities, staff and instructors to teach beginner and novice hunters and handlers how to shoot and hunt upland or waterfowl with your dog or ours. We understand that for a novice and beginner the task of learning and developing effective field skills and gear can be daunting and intimidating, not to mention expensive. Our R3 Programs are partnered with local dog clubs, shooting instructors and hunter safety educators. We can provide the gear and instruction for the following on site programs:

  • Basic hunter safety and gun handling education
  • Basic shotgun shooting instruction at the range and in the field
  • Field gun handling for safety and effective shooting
  • Introduction to various gun types: handling and shooting included
  • Selecting and acquiring proper hunting clothing, gear and accessories
  • Simulated upland bird hunts in various controlled shooting fields
  • Novice dog handler yard and field work training one-on-one
  • Call Mark to discuss details, scheduling and pricing

Your Own Dog

In partnership with Timber Hills Lake Ranch we have various fields within the controlled shooting zone for owners to train with their dog. We have training birds, rental equipment and a multitude of habitat situations to offer self-trainers a variety of situations and species of birds to train on. Call Mark to discuss details, scheduling and pricing.

Dog Boarding:

We offer a limited number of short and long term boarding kennels for sporting breed dogs.  $20/day or $350/month plus tax